Tatuaje Havana VI Angeles

Tatuaje Havana VI pre-light

This is another creation from Pete Johnson and Pepin Garcia, produced in Pepin’s Tabacalera Cubana factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Angeles is a Nicaraguan puro with a silky Corojo 99 wrapper weighing in at 4-5/8×42. The Havana VI is reported to be a milder blend than the original Tatuaje with the brown band.

Similar to reports I’ve heard and read on other Havana VI cigars, the roll on this one was firm with very little give when squeezed. Clipping the triple cap revealed a draw that was as tight as I feared so I clipped a bit more. This opened the draw up some but it was still rather tight. Based on comments in my Montesino Diplomatico review I tried my best to get a picture of the triple cap below.

Tatuaje Havana VI triple cap

The first puffs come with a little work, producing a fair amount of smoke with a bit of tangy spice. The rest of the first third follows suit, keeping up with the small amount of spice and rather firm draw. The aroma also has a peppery spice that really filled the room. Given the draw that was quite a bit more firm than I prefer, I was rather surprised at the decent amount of smoke produced. Overall the body is a strong medium.

The second third brought a slight decrease to the amount of spice present and a minimal build to the body bringing it to the full side of medium. The ash fell in roughly one inch solid chunks, starting almost white and being a medium gray by the second third. On more than one occasion the burn required a touch-up, tunneling bad enough once to almost require a relight. Given the amount of work I was putting into smoking this cigar I would generally be a bit put off but I was really enjoying the flavors I was getting. Accompanying two or three separate draws in the second third I got a distinctive gingerbread aroma and a simultaneous return of the spice which subsided shortly afterward.

Tatuaje Havana VI second third

Into the last third the body continued to build further and the spice returned, quickly building on the back of the throat. I generally don’t enjoy spicy cigars, however the last few Pepins that I have smoked (this and a Cuban Classic) are beginning to change my perception of them. The complex flavors that accompany the spice is what I’ve been missing from some others but have found in these Pepins. This Angeles also provided a somewhat surprising nicotine kick. I’ve got a few more of these that I plan to sit down for a few months and if the draw gets any better on them I’ll definitely be after a box in the Spring.

Tatuaje Havana VI ashtray