5 Vegas Classic

5 Vegas Classic pre-light

Here we have a 5 Vegas Classic Corona that is yet another cigar I received in a trade over at Club Stogie. This corona measures 5.5×44 with a fairly smooth wrapper with but a few small veins. The cap was somewhat sloppy looking but cut cleanly revealing a pleasant draw and taste. There was an enjoyable slightly floral/herbal aroma to the cigar from the foot to the head.

The foot toasted quickly and the first few puffs had a taste that matched the floral/herbal aroma that was given off pre-light. This little corona was producing a surprising amount of smoke that was smooth with a short finish. I like smaller ring gauge cigars, I feel that it allows the flavor of the wrapper to shine and the corona is one of my favorite sizes. This one was consistently woody with hints of the initial herbal notes through the first third.

5 Vegas Classic first third

Getting into the second third I slide the band off because it’s so loose that it slid almost down to the cherry on two occasions when I shifted in my chair. At about this point I start picking up a little bit of spice, and I do mean a little bit of spice. I’m not a big fan of a spicy cigar so this was good with me. I’m just amazed by the amount of smoke I’m getting, I think someone forgot to tell this corona it wasn’t a robusto. Body is medium with a short, pleasant finish.

5 Vegas Classic second third

I had one burn problem that I couldn’t get to correct with rotation and required a touch up but otherwise the burn was perfect. The aroma was very light, I went back into the house for another glass of tea and could hardly smell the cigar burning in the garage when I returned. The last third saw the herbal/floral flavors replaced by a stronger leathery taste and again the occasional bit of spiciness. I didn’t get too far into the last third before it began to get harsh and I set it down.

I’m probably not the best to review natural wrappered cigars, I’ve found a few that I enjoy through the first two thirds but just can’t manage to finish most. The Perdomo Lot 23 that we smoked on episode #80 of the Dogwatch Social Club was one of the few that I came close to nubbing. While I didn’t enjoy this 5 Vegas Classic quite as much as the Lot 23, and I don’t think I’ll be looking into a box purchase, I’ll probably pick up a couple of five-packs for the occasional change of pace.

5 Vegas Classic finish