AVO Maduro

AVO Maduro #9 Pre-light

I grabbed a handful of these a week ago during a visit to a new B&M I found (don’t you just love finding a new B&M). I picked up a few #9s and a couple of #2s for when I’ve got more time. This review will be for the #9 which is 4.75×48.

Upon removing it from the cellophane I was greeted with a slightly oily, dark wrapper with a very light dusting of plume near the cap which I took as a good sign of both the cigar and the new B&M. The one vein I could see could barely be felt, the entire wrapper was very smooth. The cut was very clean and the pre-light draw was just right, yielding a nice mild tobacco flavor.

The first couple of draws produced plenty of smoke and the familiar maduro flavor, though not quite as sweet as some others I’ve had. I found the first and second third of this cigar to be rather mild and one-dimensional. Nothing really bad to say about it, just not very complex, pretty much the same flavor throughout. The ash was rather dark, resembling the ash of the Cuban cigars I’ve had the pleasure to smoke. The ash dropped as a little pellet as the burn got into the second third and the body began to build ever so slightly. The burn wasn’t very straight through the first two thirds and required a couple of touch-ups.

Brian AVO Maduro first third

The last third is where this cigar really began to come alive, I really wish the entire thing could have been just like this. The body picked up while retaining the smooth, light finish, picking up some leathery tones and the slightest bit of spice. I am usually tiring of a cigar into the last third but this one just got better and better. I smoked it down to about a half of an inch, something pretty rare for me personally.

Brian AVO Maduro last third

I smoked the other one of these I picked up the next night with much the same results. While being rather one dimensional through the first two thirds it really came into its own in the last third and I smoked it down to about 1/2 inch. The aroma on this cigar was unique and rather pleasant, probably one of the better smelling cigars I’ve smoked.