Montecristo Peruvian (Especiale #2 – Maduro)

Last week (June 28th to be exact) I was at my local JR Cigars doing my normal lunchtime routine and who walks in? Former majority leader, Tom DeLay. I’m not a big political nut but I always find it interesting to see what kind of cigars famous people smoke. After Mr. DeLay played with his blackberry for a bit and took a stroll around the shop he settled on a Montecristo Peruvian (Especiale #2). The next day on the Club Stogie message board in the Make A Wish/Pay It Forward thread a member wished for a Montecristo Peruvian. I took both of these instances as a sign that it was time to smoke a few I had in my humidor (I also granted the member’s wish and mailed a pair off).

Let’s get the official details out the way:

Length – 5.00
Ring Gauge – 40
Origin – Dominican Republic
Wrapper – Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder – Dominican Republic
Filler – Dominican/Honduran/Peruvian

Now this is a smaller smoke than I’m accustomed to. A 40 ring gauge feels a bit awkward in my mouth and didn’t give me that solid feel while I was holding it.

The dark oily wrapper is a very pleasant site. The wrapper is smooth with some veins that can be seen but smooth to the touch. With the small ring gauge I did have problems with the cut. My Palio cutter was a bit of over kill on the first stick. The second stick, I turned to the advice of the guys at Stogie Guys (link at the end) who last month posted some pretty solid cutting tips where they recommended a v-cut for smaller ring gauged cigars to give you more surface area.

I tell you what? I’m really not accessorized for these smaller ring gauge cigars. My Colibri triple flame lighter was over kill as well. While I was toasting the foot I almost burnt off the band. So if a triple flame is all you have in your arsenal of lighters, be careful.

With the blunders out of the way, I sat back and took my time smoking this stogie which surprisingly lasted me almost a full hour. Small stogies like the Montecristo Peruvian, you really have to take your time and give a little more time in between puffs but not too much time as I found myself relighting a handful of times. The wrapper really gives the Montecristo Peruvian a lot of peppery bite to it. With the v-cut I got a very good draw with a lot of flavor. The wrapper gives you that edgy peppery bite on your lips while the three blend filler gives you a strong coca taste on your palette. And let me tell you, for a little stick, this baby puts out a lot of heavy smoke with that slight hint of coca to it.

Don’t let the small size of the Montecristo Peruvian fool you, it really packs the flavor in one short burst. I guess that’s the failing points of this stogie. It could definitely be a player if they were available in a bigger ring gauge. I enjoyed the stogie but kept waiting and waiting for it to develop and by the time it did, the stogie was no more. The Montecristo Peruvian is a solid stick but save it for those sampler packs.

Stogie Review Rating Sheet – 83/100

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