CAO Italia – Novella

Origin: Danli, Honduras
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Italy, Nicaragua, Peru
Size Name: Novella
Length: 4.5
Ring Gauge: 46
Strength: Full

During my first trip to my local B&M I picked up a CAO Italia – Novella to try. For me, this was one of those cigars that grabbed my attention while paging through one of my cigar catalogs. My desire to try this one was only based on the fact that it looked very inviting, I’m sure there are a few readers telling themselves that they know exactly what I mean.

During my little inspection of the cigar after removing the cellophane I noticed that the band all but fell off, which is always a good sign in my eyes. The wrapper was dark and oily with a firm feel.

Due to the size I went with my plug cutter on this one. The cut was very clean and easy to make. I checked the pre light draw and it was excellent. With everything looking good I lit the cigar and kicked back to relax.

The first puff produced loads of smoke that was packed with flavor. The initial flavor of the cigar was a new experience for me. It is hard to explain, but the best I can describe it is that it had a mild almost fruity tart taste. This flavor only lasted for a few puffs then faded away.

The flavor base throughout the cigar was very consistent. I can only describe it as a light herbal taste which was not overwhelming like an infused cigar, but more like a backdrop for the mild Honduran and Nicaraguan flavors.

This cigar had complex flavors and was effortless to smoke. The burn rate was good and the evenness was flawless. The ash was firm and a pale grey color. Just behind the cherry of the cigar there was an attractive dark caramel looking ring that stayed constant throughout the entire cigar.

The finish was smooth and creamy while light on the pallet. The taste didn’t linger too long in my mouth which made for a clean tasting smoke.

One of the most notable things about this cigar was how solid it was when it got short. I smoked it all the way down until it was around a half inch long and it didn’t feel spongy at all.


My review sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 88/100