Alec Bradley – Havana Sungrown

Length: 5.00
Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Mild – Medium

Last night I was hoping to get in a pair or reviews. The idea was to start off with something mild then move on to something stronger so that the flavors wouldn’t be too conflicting. I wound up only having time to have one cigar. The cigar I went with was an Alec Bradley -“ Havana Sungrown, Robusto size.

Like the last cigar I reviewed, this was received by trade with a fellow club stogie member. This cigar is very light in color and is wrapped with a very suiting red gold, and white label.

I pulled off the cello and started to look over the cigar. The texture was firm and the cigar seemed to be constructed well. I cut the end with my v-cutter and had no trouble with the cap. I checked the pre-light draw and it was good.

I lit the cigar without any problems but I noticed I was having some burn issues. It looked as though there was a void in the cigar. The burn took off running up one side of the cigar in a very thin pattern. I was rotating and trying to touch up the opposite side to correct it, but nothing seemed to work.

The radical burn corrected itself within an inch of smoking and all was well. The flavor was very light. I was having a bit of trouble distinguishing anything smoking the cigar in the typical fashion, I had to release the smoke through my sinuses in order to get distinguishable flavors. There were definite hints of nuts, along with a leathery aroma.

The cigar was very consistent and enjoyable overall. The flavor slowly increased as the cigar burned on, which made the flavors more noticeable. When the flavors picked up there were some definite hints of salt in addition to other flavors.

Although this was a mild smoke to start, by the time it was finished it was more of a medium flavor. The flavors seemed complex and enjoyable throughout. This would be a great cigar for a new smoker to try, however I had a hard time tracking one down for further information. The only place I visited that carried them was Mr. Bundles.

My review sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 84/100