Maria Mancini – Natural


Origin: Honduras
Length: 6.00
Ring: 50
Strength: Medium-Full
Wrapper Color: Medium Brown (E)
Wrapper Type: Habana 2000
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua
Shape: Parejo
Square Pressed


It’s been a busy weekend as far as cigars go. I was doing my normal Internet routine this morning when I found the Dog Watch Social Club’s podcast was up much earlier than normal. I downloaded the new show and fired up a cigar. I opted for the same cigar as Friday night but wrapped in a H2000 wrapper instead of the Maduro.

The appearance was identical to the last. It was a nice looking cigar. I would say that the lighter wrapper is a little more inviting as you tend to get the impression that it will be a bit milder. This was not the case as I was pleasantly surprised.

I cut this cigar with my guillotine cutter, it lit very well and burned evenly. The initial flavor was nice and robust. I was getting a smooth peppery spicy flavor. It wasn’t too long until this flavor settled down and became mellow.

The mild flavor kept up for some time with lots of small subtle changes in flavor that were very good. I was getting mixes of pepper, spice, a woodsy flavor, and sweetness. Around the halfway point the cigar was putting off a very distinct smell. I was getting the aroma you get when opening a stocked well kept humidor. The smell was just awesome.

As cigar dwindled the flavor began to really pick up. When there was about two and a half inches of cigar left, the flavor turned and became full bodied. This change became a good compliment to the subtle mild changes I was getting through the start of the cigar.

The only mistake I made with this cigar was smoking it on an empty stomach. This was one of the very few cigars that made me a little light headed and queasy after finishing. Even with that going on I thought it was a great cigar.

Between the Habana 2000 and the Maduro, I definitely think that this was the better more robust cigar.

My rating sheet can be found below.

Review Sheet: 87/100