Nat Sherman 1400 Series – Palma Grande

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Nat Sherman 1400 Series – Palma Grand

Origin: Nicaragua
Length: 6.50
Ring Gauge: 44
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatran
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

I was browsing through my JR Cigars mail order catalog early last week when I came across an advertisement for these cigars. I typically wouldn’t be too interested in ordering Nat Sherman cigars as I’ve always been told they were very mild. After doing a little research I read reviews that were full of positive comments on the smoothness of the cigar. With this in mind I ordered the sampler JR was carrying.

A few days after my order, my cigars arrived. After pulling them out of the postal box I was very impressed. These cigars came in a decorative box with a yellow tassel on the front. The box is nice enough to keep as decoration if you are in to that sort of thing.

I lit up the first Nat Sherman last night (Friday) and was sure to be careful as to what I had to eat and drink before smoking. Sipping on a glass of ice water I pulled a cigar from my humidor. Right away I couldn’t help but notice how rich and brown the wrapper was. This cigar seems a little thin for its length but it fits well between the fingers.

I used my cigar punch to open up the cap then began the lighting process. The initial puff was robust and full flavored but left a harsh flavor in my mouth after blowing out the smoke. The harshness I experienced went away almost immediately as I got into my second and third puff. The foot had a very light amount of smoke lifting into the air while resting in the ashtray, however the light smoke produced a pleasant smell that I thought was appealing.

As I reached the first inch of the cigar the draw became very tight. At this point I was puffing hard for what felt like very little smoke. The smoke I was getting out of the cigar was mild and creamy. Although my pallet is far from developed I noticed a woodsy flavor that went well with the cigar. The flavor of the cigar stayed rather uniform until I came towards the end, near the cap.

I have a tendency to get lost in the pleasure of smoking, and continue to smoke until I can no longer pinch the cigar between my thumb and index finger due to the heat. The Nat Sherman lived up my expectations as some cigars tend to get extremely harsh when they get this short, but this one left me wanting more. After two hours of smoking pleasure I was forced to put the cigar down for the last time and let it burn off honorably.

As a whole, I thought the cigar was good. Personally I feel that the draw was a workout for the little smoke I was getting. The 1400 series selection seems to be rather mild. If I were to group it, I would put it in the Mild to Medium range. I think this cigar would be complemented well with a good cup of coffee. I could see this one being one of my Saturday morning cigars come summer time.

I have completed a cigar review worksheet on this cigar. I scored it an 80 out of 100. Feel free to check out how the cigar scored by clicking Here

I wanted to share some of the history I found on the Nat Sherman brand, but the review ran a little long. If you are interested in reading up on the brand visit the company website at