IPCPR 2015 – 25 Minutes With Pete Johnson

In keeping with tradition, we present you with IPCPR 2015 edition of 25 minutes with Pete Johnson. In this interview we touch on a variety of topics, as Pete is a man of many and varied interests. We start with cigars, touching on new sizes of Verocu, L’Atelier Extension de la Racine ER15, La Mission du L’Atelier and its inspiration, La Verite 2013 plans, the Henry Clay Tattoo collaboration and the early plans for a 13th anniversary cigar. From there we move into discussion of pipe tobacco plans, seasonal pipes, producing and importing wine before getting into a little Monster talk- the Hyde and Freddie Krueger. At the end Peter turns the tables on me and asks about my beer homebrewing activities.

Past Installments of Minutes With Pete Johnson (11 videos, 309 total minutes)

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