2007 Bolivar Gold Medal

The Bolivar Gold Medal was a cigar that I’ve been keeping in my humidor for quite a while.  It was gifted to me by a friend in Jackson, MS and I was trying to save it for a special occasion.  No particular reason why, but I decided to just go ahead and break it out and smoke it.  So I go sit out in my man cave on a hot, humid night and I lit it up.  I don’t smoke too many Cuban cigars as my supply is limited, but lately I have been because……why wait?  I do like to age my cigars, Cubans especially since they develop so well over time, but I figured 6 years is long enough.  You CAN age them too long.  The Gold Medal was chosen as the sacrificial cigar this night.




The cigar is wrapped in a gold foil paper wrapper which has protected the wrapper for any damage.  It has a sort of rustic looking wrapper that bumpy and quite mottled.  I cut the cap off, which was pretty well applied, and took a draw.  The draw was pretty hard.  I can barely get much air through the cigar.  Only having one of these, thought, I pushed on.  The only flavors I’m getting is a light tobacco and wood flavor off the draw.

First Half

I can barely get any smoke through the cigar.  Struggle as I might, I do get a little smoke through.  I get a nice mild spice and woody notes.  It actually much milder than I expected as Bolivar as usually one of the more potent lines in Cuba.  Still, nothing to impressive yet.



Last Half

As the cigar burned down, the draw only got worse which was quite disappointing considering this was the only one I had.  The flavors did change a bit.  The cigar developed a nice sweetness that I wasn’t expecting.  Also, accompanying the sweetness, was a nuttiness that remind me of almonds.  Pretty good combo, but one I wish wasn’t disrupted by the horrible draw.  No telling what flavors and richness I’m missing because the draw is so bad.



Overall Impressions

I’m very disappointed.  I had high hopes for this cigar, but like most Cubans these days, its a gamble on if you will get a smokeable cigar.  With Cubans, when they are on, they are spectacular.  When they are off, they complete unsmokeable.  This one was borderline.  If I had more, I would have definitely pitched it and got another.  As this was my only one, I just soldier through it.  The flavor I did get were promising, but they could never fully develop.  I should have also smoked this cigar when it was younger, but hindsight is 20/20.  Still, I would like to try it again.  One day.