11 Minutes with Pete Johnson (IPCPR 2012)

I’m going to rename Stogie Review to Tatuaje Central. LOL. The amount of interview footage we’ve produced over the years is by far the most we’ve covered anyone and thats just interview footage. Pete likes to talk and we like to record…perfect pairing. I mention this in the video but Pete looks really refreshed. The last few times I’ve seen him he was looking tired, stressed as if he wasn’t having fun anymore. Like I said, he looks refreshed now and is looking happy like he looked when we first started covering him years ago.

This year at IPCPR has Pete featuring a full plate of stuff. As you can imagine, the Tatuaje booth or as we call it at every show, My Father Alley was pretty much elbow to elbow so we kept things as short as possible. In the video Pete focuses on telling us about L’Atelier, Trocadéro, El Suelo, Surrogates, a second run of the Little Boris and the status of The Mummy.