Undercrown by Drew Estate


Introduced at this year’s IPCPR Trade Show is the Undercrown by Drew Estate. Jonathan Drew gave us one of the most enthusiastic interviews we’ve ever had on the site and the Undercrown was one of my top cigars that really impressed me at the show. Its hard to believe no one has beat me to reviewing it. The story of the Undercrown is well documented. If you think the Undercrown is made with the left over scraps from the Liga Privada then you are wrong. The best I can tell you is lets say Liga Privada uses one part of the tobacco plant say viso, well Undercrown might use the seco part of that same tobacco plant. Same plant with Liga Privada and Undercrown using different leafs.

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It’s really unfair to compare the Undercrown to the Liga Privada line (although I do in the video). They both are two unique stellar blends from Drew Estate. It’s like comparing apples to pears. Yeah they are both fruit and have similar fruity characteristic but both bring something unique to the table. The same is true for the Liga Privada vs. Undercrown. Its all about the mood you’re in. Sometimes you’re not in the mood for a Liga Privada experience but want something different, simpler but not sacrifice balance or flavor. I think the Undercrown is a winner and has been something I’ve been stocking up in my humidors. Ligar Privada is great and the Undercrown is equally as great. You can’t go wrong with either!