Viaje Fifty Fifty Red Label


Released at the 2010 IPCPR in New Orleans the Viaje Fifty Fifty Red Label is the sophomore release by Andre Farkas and his Fifty Fifty series. During the 2009 IPCPR Andre released the first edition of the Fifty Fifty with the Black Label. The Fifty Fifty concept is in a nut shell two blends within one cigar. The Black Label had a drastic change from full to a fuller bodied cigar. Changing pace, the Red Label eases into the transition and lets the cigar build up to the change.

Some will disagree with me, but the Viaje Fifty Fifty Red Label is one of my Top 5 cigars coming out of this year’s IPCPR. I wasn’t a fan of the Black Label because of the abrupt transition. The Red Label is more my speed in body and flavor profile. While the transition from medium-full to full isn’t spontaneous like its predecessor, you can definitely detect the change in intensity where the bold flavor profile goes from really good to great.