Man O’ War Ruination


And we’re back with the Man O’ War Ruination from the hands of AJ Fernandez of Tabacalera Fernandez. If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook or YouTube you know how I feel about this cigar. I’ve been loving it! My love for it came to a surprise to me as its a extra full bodied cigar which is totally out of my usual comfort zone.

Video runs a bit over 15 minutes and if you’re a full bodied cigar kind of person, I’m confident you will love the Man O’ War Ruination. Its got the body, its got the heat, its got the spice, its got the sweetness, its got the coffee/coca, its got the woodiness, its got the creaminess…basically, like Prego use to say, “its in there”! If you’re a usual mild/medium bodied cigar, I’m confident you will enjoy the Man O’ War Ruination as well. While you will get the nicotine kick, and what a kick it is, but the body displays a ninja like ability. The rich combination of all those flavors come together to mask any ill effects. My only advice is, after you smoke it, don’t make any sudden movements and be sure to get up from your chair slowly. It’ll hit you.

Contest – While I don’t mention it in the video, my good fortune is always your good fortune. I’ll give a 5 pack of these away. My contests are easy. All you have to do is leave a comment below. In fact, to increase your chances of winning, leave a comment on every post (1 comment per post) this week on Stogie Review…try to make the comment relevant to the post though. I’ll pick a winner, at random next Sunday.

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