Ambos Mundos (Sumatra)

Ambos Mundos

Word! Shout out to Jason Alcantara who gave me the heads up that the Ambos Mundos was available at a local B&M. Now if you remember back towards Halloween and my 26 Minutes with Pete Johnson interview you will remember that Pete talked a little bit about an economical smoke due out early in 2009. After a little delay with packaging the Ambos Mundos (Both Worlds) is out in the wild both in its Nicaraguan Habano wrapper and the Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, both in the $5 range.

Video runs a little over 9 minutes and I have to say that despite its rough edges, inconsistent looking wrappers and a few green spots in the flavor profile, the Ambos Mundos (Sumatra) is a decent smoke for its economical price tag. Its a quality cigar that you can sit back, veg out with others and not feel left wondering if you missed something.

Since Jason shared info with me I’ll share with you. I have three (3) Ambos Mundos (Sumatra) AND three (3) Ambos Mundos (Habano) that could possibly have your name on it. All you have to do is leave some comment love by Friday and thank Jason for giving me the 411 plus tell me your favorite Pete Johnson cigar. For example, “Jason you rock and my favorite Pete Johnson cigar is the El Triunfador.” Its that easy. I’ll choose the lucky winner at random over the weekend.