To Better Inform Cigar Consumers

Have you ever walked into a local shop or ordered a random cigar online and find that it was an excellent match for your personal taste? I know I have and I’m sure most of you have had the same thing happen. The next step for me was to look up the cigar online to learn a little about it. I like to know what the tobacco composition is, most of all, followed by some basic information on how the cigar came to be.

So what do you do, you log onto the manufacturers website for more info. And what do you find on the website, most times incomplete information or missing cigars from the lineup. Its no secret that many manufacturers are behind the curve when it comes to providing their customers with an abundance of information. I personally want to know as much as possible about a cigar, not just as a reviewer, but as a consumer in general.

So how can we change this? I recently received an email from our good friend Doc Stogiefresh. The email contained a petition which I was asked to sign and pass along. The idea is to get as many signatures as possible and present it to manufacturers with the hope that they will open up and provide the information that we are so desperately seeking in order to become educated consumers.

Take a minute to look over the small excerpt below. If you like what you see, head over to the petition page and drop your name on the list.

Quoted from Stogie Fresh:

BACKGROUND: As serious cigar smokers, we want more information about the cigars we enjoy. The wine industry has excelled in providing information to its customers, both on their wine labels and on their websites, which has helped consumers become more educated and more motivated about their hobby.

PETITION: We the undersigned, are asking cigar manufacturers to follow the wine industry’s lead, where appropriate, and provide cigar smokers, hobbyists, and collectors with more detailed information so we can better understand and appreciate premium cigars. We are asking all cigar manufacturers to adhere to the following standards for Cigar Information, Box Information and Website Information.* And, we intend to reward those manufacturers that adhere to these standards by giving their products special preference when we purchase cigars.

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