26 Minutes with Pete Johnson

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know this story already as you got the play-by-play as I got to hangout a bit with Pete Johnson last weekend. It was right after the Uniformed Secret Service asked me to leave Lafayette Park. I went around the corner to Shelly’s Backroom to grab a bite to eat, enjoy a smoke and watch the Redskins game.

I didn’t know what Pete Johnson looked like so when he approached me and said “Don’t I know you? You’re the guy who smokes on YouTube?” Pete introduced himself as just “Pete” and it wasn’t until he came back and handed me a Tatuaje Black that I put two and two together and I said “Oh shit, you’re the Pete Johnson!” We were going to do the interview then and there but after a few rounds, Pete was starting to slur so we pushed it back a few days to the launch event at W.Curtis Drapers of the Tatuaje Monster: Frank.

Let me just say, if you haven’t met Pete Johnson he’s amazing! Very open, generous with his time and has some great stories. When you’re done watching this interview, be sure to head over to The Cigar Spy and watch his interview with Pete that I filmed during the same event. The two interviews really compliment each other.