When good cigars go bad

Ever since seeing Brian’s writeup of a Padron with a prize inside, I got to thinking about all of the good cigars that have turned bad on me. While none of them have had anything nearly as crazy as a piece of twine inside, I’ve run into a couple which had voids in the filler. The hole made a normally enjoyable cigar turn difficult and sucked the enjoyment right out of it.

Often times problems with cigars are created by the end user. Be it high humidity leading to uneven distribution of moisture bringing on burn problems, or the over zealous clipper which leads to the cigar unwrapping.

In my case, I believe it was a problem with the bunching of the cigar. Being that cigars are a hand made product, mistakes happen from time to time and it simply needs to be chalked up as a bad stick. Even the best of cigar brands have a problem stick on occasion.

Take the Cusano Corojo for example. This is a cigar that I enjoy on a semi regular basis and have not run into many issues with. A few months back I lit one up and enjoyed it for a little while before it turned on me. The dense smoke that I was enjoying so much dissapeared and left me scratching me head for a reason behind it.

While examining the foot I realized what the issue was. I ran into a void in the filler which was allowing too much air to pass through the cigar. I would assume this was a situation where the air followed the path of least resistance and didn’t allow the cigar to combust and produce the amount of smoke that it should.

Cusano Corojo With Hole - 1

Fortunately in this case the void was small enough that I was able to smoke past it, although slowly, and the smoke volume picked up where it left off. Since then I have not run into this problem with another Cusano product.

My second experience of this nature came with a cigar that I absolutely adore, the Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic. This time around the problem was more sever as the void was much larger and deeper. Just as before, the smoke was excellent leading up to the void then it was as if a switch was flipped and the smoke was turned off.

Being that this was one of the few remaining Black Labels in my humidor, I was determined to smoke past the issue and enjoy the rest of the cigar. After lots and lots of puffing I became frustrated and was left with no other choice than to set it down in the ashtray to die a miserable death.

Don Pepin Garcia Black Label With Hole - 1

Don Pepin Garcia Black Label With Hole - 2

Just like the Cusano, this was the first problem that I experienced with this brand which was a direct result of a factory flaw. This goes to show that from time to time we will get a bad stick, regardless of the brand name printed on the band.

I have experienced this type of problem before, which indirectly a factory issue. In that case I had a cigar which had a tight draw, to remedy the problem I used a draw correction tool to create a tunnel down the length of the cigar. The tunnel that I created lead to the same low smoke volume problem.

For more information on burn issues and how to correct them, take a look at a series that I wrote for our good friend Doc Stogiefresh.

Have you ever run into cigar problems
that were a direct result of manufacturing issues?