Cusano Corojo 1997


A couple weeks back I received a comment on YouTube asking me to review the Cusano Corojo 1997. After reading the comment I added the cigar to my shopping list and headed to my local cigar shop a few days later.

This particular cigar has an Ecuadorian Sungrown Corojo wrapper from the 1997 harvest as well as a Mexican Binder and Dominican Filler. The dimensions are that of a Toro and measure in at six inches by fifty ring gauge.


After pulling the cigar from the cellophane sleeve, I noticed that it has a light oily sheen and a toothy appearance. I gently pinched the cigar and found it to be nice and firm with a soft texture. At this point I went ahead and punched the cap of my cigar with my handy plug cutter and found the pre light draw to be free with little resistance.

After a quick toast and light I was greeted by thick clouds of flavorful smoke. The initial flavor was woody with a mellow spice that tasted very crisp and clean. The body was in the medium realm and the finish was about medium as well.

First Third

As I worked my way into the cigar a little further, the flavor began to change slightly. The woody flavor was still the dominant component while a leathery flavor began to enter the picture. The spice started to pick up a bit and become a bit intense when blown through the sinuses. Overall the flavor mixture was crisp and clean, which blended well with the medium body and finish I was experiencing at this point.

The second third of the cigar was not much different from the first with the exception of a sweet tobacco flavor added to the mix. The body and finish were both medium and the flavor profile was still dominantly woody with a leathery background flavor. The draw continued to be free with little resistance and produced a powdery light colored ash. The burn was fairly even and produced a light resting smoke that filled the room with a mild aroma.

As I smoked deeper and deeper into the final third I was met with a little disappointment. I began to get some harsh chemical flavors that were very unappealing. When blown through the sinuses this chemical flavor almost took my breath away. Purging the cigar several times seemed to help, but only for a few puffs.

Second Third

In the end I was happy with the cigar. It smoked very well and produced a very enjoyable flavor profile. The only downside being that cigar produces a harsh flavor when it is about two inches in length. This may not be a problem for many people, but for those that like to smoke their cigars down to the nub, they will be cut a little short.

I would definitely recommend picking up a Cusano Corojo 1997 to try. At a price point of around 4.00 I don’t think that you will be disappointed by its flavor and performance.