Winterize Your Humidor (Part 1)

I don’t know about you but it’s the time of year I dread. Physically I enjoy the cold weather here in Maryland. What I can’t stand is the effect winter has on my humidor. It never fails, as soon as I kick on my heat pump, my house and thus my humidor gets drained of its humidity and the dry air takes its place. Past winters it has been a struggle to keep my humidity level at or above 60% RH and that’s with adding 50/50 solution every 3 days.

I’m hoping that the steps I’m taking this year will save me some time and lower my risk of drying out my stogies this winter. This is the first part of a two part series on what I’m doing to winterize my humidor.

Part 1 is in thanks to our friends, Patrick A. and Patrick S. over at Stogie Guys who a few months ago published an article describing how to perform a salt calibration test on a hygrometer.

I hope you find this video (14 minutes) as helpful as I have:

NOTE: In the video I say “hydrometer” like there is no tomorrow. I really mean to say “hygrometer”. Thank you to all for pointing this out and for not flaming me as a noob. Much love!

For step by step instructions visit the Stogie Guys and for more information and tips on keeping your stogies fresh check out the archives at Stogie Fresh.