Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve – Corojo (Toro)

I have to give credit to this stogie to my older brother Chris, owner of Sebori Systems, for providing me with these stogies. I had a hard time finding the Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve or the Master Blend 7XX online and at my local shops. I’m not good at stogie hunting like others are. But like any good big brother my bro came thru for me and gifted me with 20 of these wonderful stogies. If anything, keep reading for the pictures. I’m really trying to improve my digital camera skills.

The details on the Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve (Toro):

Length: 6.50
Ring Gauge: 52
Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Corojo (Nicaraguan)
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

These are one of the newer cigars released by the fine folks at Rocky Patel. Announced at the 2005 RTDA show the Olde World Reserve comes in two different wrappers. A nice medium to full bodied Corojo wrapper (technically classified as a full bodied) that I am reviewing today and a maduro wrapper that I hope Walt or I will review and a later time.

The corojo wrapped version that I am reviewing is just a delight to see in my humidor. Like most of you out there I find myself opening up my humidor to look at all my beauties lined up and waiting with anticipation for me to choose one of them as my companion for the evening.

A nice silky smooth, medium brown, no vein wrapper, just makes your mouth water. A nice brown band with gold lettering adorns the head while classy brown paper with the same gold lettering adorns the foot. The Olde World Reserve comes packaged in a nice wooden box with that “old world” charm look to it. It honestly looks like something that would be stowed away in the cargo hold on one of Columbus’s ships heading back to Spain, if he didn’t smoke them all on the way.

I tried several different cuts with this cigar and the v-cut, while reserved for smaller ring stogies, really brought out the flavors over the straight cut. A punch cut was okay but seemed to make the stick burn hotter. I’ve read a few reviews on the Olde World Reserve where folks have left the wrapper of the foot on or used it to light their stogie similar to how you use the cedar wrappers, but trust me on this, don’t do either. Folks have done this and wonder why the stogie has a burnt paper taste to it. I’m no genius but I have a feeling why.

Before lighting up you can take good whiff and get a glimpse of what’s waiting for you after you ignite it. The aroma of sweet chocolate jumps off the stick and into your nose.

Construction is solid and little effort is needed to get an even lite. The corojo wrapper stayed in tact and no relighting was needed and had a smoke time of an hour and thirty five minutes which was a God send as I smoked one while waiting for my wife to get her hair done.

The Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve is like most Rocky Patel’s (minus the Edge) where its smoothness and consistency in flavor is the stogies biggest asset. Its an easy smoke with sweet hints of chocolate and a syrupy finish on your lips with an aroma to match and like I said in the beginning, a v-cut is the way to go to get the best flavor out of the Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve. Normally I enjoy the complex stogie which this isn’t. Its an easy smoke that is one dimensional with little to no change in depth or in flavor. What you get in the beginning, is what you get in the end. In other words, its not challenging to the pallet and for me, that’s okay.

I had a hard time finding a place to pick these up near me. If you don’t have a brother like mine, then I’m sure it will be tough for you as well. If they are easy to find for you, consider yourself lucky and leave a comment and let us know where to go.

At $600 for a box of 50, its a pretty steep price in my opinion to justify a box purchase but if you’re looking for a great cigar to celebrate a great occasion, definitely give the Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve some consideration.

Stogie Review Rating Sheet – 87/100

Stogie Guys Review – 3.5 out of 5

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