IPCPR 2019: Cigar Oasis

posted on August 18th, 2019

IPCPR 2019: Boveda

IPCPR 2019: Boveda

posted on August 11th, 2019

IPCPR 2019: Black Label Trading Company

IPCPR 2019: Black Label Trading Company

posted on August 11th, 2019

Your Questions, My Answers Archive

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Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 2.06

This is an old school episode of Your Questions, My Answers. All the other members were too lazy to make it so Walt and I kicked back just like we did when we first started the YQMA Series some years ago. We’ve nicknamed this episode the “my face hurts” episode as Walt and I have a lot of good laughs…usually at other people’s expense. No worries we tackle cigar related questions as well. Without Brian Hewitt to eat up all …


Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 2.05

Charlie makes his YQMA debut complete with umbrella and all. He joins Brian and myself in the fifth episode of Season 2. We count down the Top 25 List from Cigar Aficionado and weigh in on whether we agree or disagree.


Your Question, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 2.04

Your Question, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 2.04

A few weeks ago, Jerry, Brian, Mike, and I sat down and recorded another episode of YQMA. Due to some time constraints it took us a little longer to get this episode put together than usual.

Like most of our recent episodes of YQMA, this one has a variety of humorous moments in addition to questions submitted from our readers.

The questions include:
  • Our thoughts on the CRA and the semi-recent news of their distribution of funds
  • How many cigars

Your Questions, My Answers – Episode 203

Back again with another episode of Your Questions, My Answers. In this episode we talk about the recent news of Jose Blanco joining Joya de Nicaragua and the impact it will have. From their we banter back and forth about smoking lounge etiquette and whether bringing your own cigars is acceptable or in bad taste. We spend a little time talking about butane and if it really matters how refined the fuel is. What humidity level should you have your …


Your Questions, My Answers (Episode 202)

Thanks for the great feedback on the Season 2 Premiere of Your Questions, My Answers. Received a lot of great questions after that episode so I hope you guys keep them coming. In fact, why not submit a question here and enter to win a five pack of the La Casita Criolla. For Episode 2 of YQMA, you get a special treat with all four members of the Stogie Review Crew weighing in on every question and topic.

In this …


YQMA – Season 2 Premiere

We decided to kickoff Season 2 of Your Questions, My Answers on the fly after being guests on Stogie411. Its me, Brian and Walt shooting the shit and talking about random topics. We talk about IPCPR, Crowned Heads, other blogs, cigar events and Walt gets all fiery when we talk about Oliva/Nub/Studio Tabac all he was missing was a podium and a machette and he’d look like Dictator. Enjoy.


Your Question, My Answers (YQMA) – Episode 46

If you have been a long time Stogie Review fan, you may be thinking that you are seeing things. An episode of Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA), is this right? Rest assured, this isn’t a hallucination and things have been set in motion to bring back YQMA as a regular part of the Stogie Review lineup. For the time being, we are going to say that YQMA will be a bi-weekly-ish show. Episodes 46 and 47 are complete and …


Five Questions

Between traveling and getting over whatever I got in Las Vegas, I really haven’t had the time to do the needed work for a review. Instead I go old school and do YQMA solo.

I tackle such hard hitting questions like why do we bash that “lifestyle” publication and why don’t we explain how we do our reviews anywhere on the site. I also take time to answer questions about other new releases from CAO as well as why Stogie …


Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 44

This time around Mike and I covered four questions instead of the usual two while recording the latest episode of Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA). All was going well until we reached the last question, then the discussion seemed to go on forever as we debated cigar pricing.

To start off the show, Mike and I talked about repairing damaged cigar wrappers. From there we moved to talking about how to deal with an overwhelming Spanish Cedar smell …


Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) Episode 43

In the latest installment of Your Questions, My Answers, I was once again joined by Mike as we tackle a few more reader submitted questions. Just like the last time Mike and I got together, we managed to overstep our twenty-minute pre-determined time constraint and run for about thirty-eight minutes.

Both questions were selected from the Stogie Review Fan Forum. We first discuss using different style cigar cutters for different vitolas. After a little banter we moved on …