Nat Sherman Timeless Limited Edition 2019

Nat Sherman Timeless Limited Edition 2019

posted on October 17th, 2019

Nat Sherman Epoca 2019 Limited Edition

Nat Sherman Epoca 2019 Limited Edition

posted on October 8th, 2019

Ben’s Week In Smoke – No. 19

Ben’s Week In Smoke – No. 19

posted on September 26th, 2019

The Stogie Voice Archive

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JFR (Guest Review)

JFR (Guest Review)

This week we have a guest review that is a little different. Long time readers tcr and sdlsatcom got together and produced an audio review for your listening pleasure. The cigar in the spotlight is the JFR Robusto (Just for Retailers).

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Jameson Cigar Co. Black Label (Short Ashes)

This Short Ashes review features the Jameson Cigar Company Back Label. This cigar was one of a couple that were left over from my Blind Cigar tasting at Kensington Tobacconist a couple of months ago. Lets see how it turned out in comparison to the blind review.

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Check out the Blind Tasting of the
Jameson Cigar Company Black Label


Romeo y Jullieta Habana Reserve (Guest Review)

While the Stogie Review crew is in Vegas for the annual IPCPR trade show, we have put together a series of guest posts to keep you entertained in our absence. These are our safety net just in case something goes wrong and we can’t post as often as we would like.

This guest review comes courtesy of Justin and is in the form of an audio review.


Fuente Fuente Opus X (Guest Review)

Image courtesy of Dennis “Stogie Baby” Camacho

Along with some music from the Dominican Republic. I will review for you what is now my favorite Dominican cigar. I want to thank Walt for inviting me as a guest reviewer. I’m a huge fan and its my pleasure to do a review for the site.…


Camacho Corojo

I originally planned to do a video review of this but its been raining the past few days here in MD, so I’m falling back to doing a episode of The Stogie Voice. In this episode of The Stogie Voice I bring you the Camacho Corojo 07/05.…


Cuesta Rey Centenario Pyramid No. 9 (Maduro)

A few weeks ago, I was browsing thru the podcast directory on iTunes to see if there were any new podcasts that I could add to my rotation of virtualization, Stargate, Warcraft and of course cigar related podcasts. Luck would have it that I stumbled upon Chris Trotter and his Cigar Alliance podcast.

I listened to his first episode and was really impressed with his straight talk and the niche he found within the “new media” world of cigars. I …


Bolivar (Dominican)

Welcome to the new Stogie Voice (formerly known as The Stogie Sampler). Thanks to everyone who chimed in various ways with various name suggestions for this new audio only feature.

Walt reviewed the Bolivar (Dominican) back in June and since I had one of these sitting in my humidor for the last three months, I thought I’d give it a shot and see what my taste buds make of it.

My opinion of the Bolivar (Dominican) wasn’t too far off …


Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ Maduro

Switching it up a bit. One of the requests we received awhile back when I asked how we could make The Stogie Review better was to offer quick, concise, picture and audio only reviews. I guess some folks think I don’t have a TV friendly face…in our ever growing attempt to give you (our readers, viewers and now listeners) what you want I bring you The Stogie Sampler feature to The Stogie Review. Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning video reviews …