Nat Sherman Epoca 2019 Limited Edition

Nat Sherman Epoca 2019 Limited Edition

posted on October 8th, 2019

Ben’s Week In Smoke – No. 19

Ben’s Week In Smoke – No. 19

posted on September 26th, 2019

Black Label Trading Company Last Rites Viaticum

Black Label Trading Company Last Rites Viaticum

posted on September 11th, 2019

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Series JJ, IPCPR & My Little Robusto

This week is a special week…my little robusto would’ve been one year old this week so I smoke a cigar that bears his initials, listen to a song my another JJ (Jack Johnson) and just remember better, happier times. Long ashes:


My Arganese Field Trip

My Arganese Field Trip

As you’ve probably already heard, I was recently blessed with the opportunity to spend a few days down in the Dominican Republic, touring the Arganese fields and factory. In many ways it was like a field trip back from back in my school days, only better. A field trip with adult beverages, smokes and night clubs. The kinds of things we tried to smuggle on field trips back in the day were the focal part of this education outing.…


Long Ashes…

Twenty months ago in March 2006 The Stogie Review was launched. I thought maybe a handful of folks that I knew would read the reviews but never in my wildest imagination did I ever imagine that it would turn into a community filled with so many caring people.

You guys have been through a lot with me and I’ve been happy to share my life with all of you. I’m a true believer that life is worth sharing, so I …


Final Goodbye

This post was auto published

This will be the last post about the untimely death of my little robusto. After this, The Stogie Review will return to its normal cigar review material.

I wanted to share the speech that my wife and I wrote to say goodbye to JJ during his funeral mass. I’ve timed this post to auto publish at about the time that I think I will be speaking.

JJ was a special boy. From the beginning of


Thank You

All –

I want to thank everyone for their kind words of support and for your continued prayers. Michelle and I are doing well and funeral arrangements have been made. With all the plans and all the family and friends visiting its been hard for us to grasp everything that has happenend. It all feels like a dream…

I’ve received so many personal e-mails and its a great feeling to know that so many of you out there consider me …


Please offer your thoughts and prayers to Jerry and Michelle

Just this morning I received an email from Jerry containing tragic news. Yesterday while Jerry and Michelle were at work their son Jeremiah Jr. (JJ) passed away while in the care of their day care center.

At 1:12pm on Friday, November 2nd my little robusto passed away at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital on Gaithersburg Md.

His death is being investigated since he was in the care of our daycare while we were at work.

Please pass this along to the


Its Been Awhile

Wow! What an amazing past three weeks it has been! You go to sleep one night thinking you have a week before the new addition shows up and you wake up the next morning driving your wife to the hospital. I have to say that being a father is one of the most amazing feelings ever! Wife and baby JJ are both doing well. I’m back at work and I feel like I’m missing so much. Believe it or not, …