Nat Sherman Epoca 2019 Limited Edition

Nat Sherman Epoca 2019 Limited Edition

posted on October 8th, 2019

Ben’s Week In Smoke – No. 19

Ben’s Week In Smoke – No. 19

posted on September 26th, 2019

Black Label Trading Company Last Rites Viaticum

Black Label Trading Company Last Rites Viaticum

posted on September 11th, 2019

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IPCPR 2011 – Why Didn’t You Interview…?

This year’s coverage of IPCPR was by far our best and most in depth work. We set all kinds of records here at Stogie Review in unique visitors, page views, time on site and all those other analytic measures, some of those values actually doubling and tripling. Thats nice and all but its never been about the stats for us. What motivates us is the feedback we get from you, our friends. Combined, we don’t have enough fingers and toes …


Email Overhaul

Over the last five years, Stogie Review has been using the mail server provided by our web host. In the early days this was a great way for us to send and receive correspondence with the Stogie Review Fans. As time passed and our email load increased, messages began going missing. As of late, this missing email problem has gotten a bit out of hand and we were forced to change mail servers.

In the event that you have used …


Thank You – 5 Year Anniversary

I wanted to take a moment to thank our loyal readership/viewership. Five years ago today, The Stogie Review was born. Two geeks (Walt & I) who played Battlefield 1942 online together discovered we had a similar love for the leaf and on a whim decided to start The Stogie Review to share our thoughts with our friends. Five years, 897 reviews and 603 videos later, I’m happy to say that we have a lot more friends than we ever thought …


Happy Thanksgiving

All of us here at The Stogie Review want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving…you stay classy San Diego.


Work Flow

I’ve been busy as of late with work, Gracie’s first birthday (happy birthday again baby girl) and a mess of other stuff so I really haven’t had too much spare time to smoke enough to do a fair review of anything. As I get back on track I thought I’d publish something that I’ve put off for months now. I’m constantly asked lots of questions about how I produce my video reviews, what type of camera, software, etc,. Walt and …


Tweets from the Cigar Expo

Tweets from the Cigar Expo

Last year Brian and I were fortunate enough to attend the 2009 Cigar Expo put on by Famous Smoke Shop. We had an absolute blast and I was eagerly awaiting the 2010 Cigar Expo. Unfortunately, neither Brian or I will be able to make it this year. The travel from Georgia to Pennsylvania is a bit much for Brian and I’ll be needing to stick close to home with my almost-ready-to-pop wife.

Even though we have to sit out …


Stogie Review Update

Time was really tight this week, so instead of a video review, I decided to do a little Stogie Review update instead. In the video below I talk a little bit about some time off I’ll be taking when the baby arrives. In addition I also talk a little bit about what we have coming up on Stogie Review. Those things include Mike doing Cigar Expo coverage as well as expected IPCPR coverage for the annual trade show in New …


Contest: Win a Box of Pinar del Rio 1878 Cubano Especial Cigars

Contest: Win a Box of Pinar del Rio 1878 Cubano Especial Cigars

A few days ago I was on Facebook talking with Abe Flores of Pinar del Rio. We talked about a variety of things and Abe made mention of wanting to spread the word about his new line of cigars. I suggested that giving away a box would go a long way in spreading the word and he was more than happy to provide us with a box of PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Cigars to offer as a contest prize.…


Stogie Review Live

Stogie Review Live

Earlier this week I was browsing through my RSS Reader and saw that Google Wave came out of private beta. With it being open to the public came the option to embed a wave within a page for the world to see. That got me thinking about how we could utilize the service to benefit the Stogie Review Fans.

My initial thought was to use to let people see us working on reviews and taking notes. After getting the wave …


Fan Forums Upgraded

Back in August 2007 we opened the doors to the Stogie Review Fan Forums. Now, I’m not going to make any outlandish claims like a certain forum conglomerate does but over the past two and half years its grown into an impressive community both in quantity and quality. Its definitely exceeded any expectations we had and unlike that conglomerate, I’m proud that we were able to build our community from the ground up. To keep up with that growth, we’ve …