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IPCPR 2013: Prometheus

IPCPR 2013: Prometheus

The IPCPR trade show isn’t complete until we spend a little time with Keith Park of Prometheus and take a look at all the company’s new cigars and sharp-looking humidors and accessories. As always, there was no shortage of great looking products. If you’re a fan of rare cigars like Opus X and God of Fire, or enjoy high-end accessories, you need to check this out. And if you’re not, you might be by the end.


The Art of the Raffle

The Art of the Raffle

Cigar event raffles is a topic that seems to keep coming up in conversation. Jerry, Walt, Mike and I shared our favorite and least favorite prizes in a YQMA episode a month or two ago, and I used the opportunity to complain about winning baseball caps. I’m sure it was good for a few chuckles, but it probably wasn’t useful to anyone really thinking about organizing a raffle. I started thinking more seriously on the subject when a cigar rep …


Stogie Review Travel Humidors

Stogie Review Travel Humidors

Welcome to my write up for this week. I have been battling this nasty cold/flu that is going around and have not been able to smoke a cigar since Thanksgiving. I am hoping I can smoke next week but the way this thing is hanging around, I am not sure.

Well anyway, this gives me the opportunity to introduce the world to the Stogie Review Travel Humidor. We have 5, 10 and 15 count sizes with that beautiful logo …


Buckhead Cigar Club – A Humidor Tour

We’ve posted reviews of cigar shops from across the country before. We’ve even reviewed Buckhead Cigar Club and thrown in some great still shots of the shop. Buckhead Cigar Club is the home shop of our own Brian “Mouth of the South” Hewitt and I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Buckhead on a few recent trips to Atlanta.

On my most recent trip I thought it would be cool to show you the humidor at Buckhead Cigar Club. The …


Mike’s Humidor Tour

First off I used the Kodak Zi8 camcorder and the audio gave the noise again. I am sending it back for repair so the next few reviews will probably be with the old camcorder.

I kept getting asked to do a humidor tour, so here it is, short and sweet. After watching this you will understand why I did not think people would be very excited about it.

Enjoy the tour.

Click here for the audio


Humidor Tour

My apologies to Walt, I know he wanted me to do a poll but decided I’d make up for being a slacker in my H.Upmann Reserve Maduro review and take you all on a little tour.

Lately I’ve received some messages about what the boxes look like from the Cuban cigars I’ve smokes so I spend a little time showing off a few boxes. People have also asked what my humidor looks like so I take the opportunity to show …


How to build a Fridgador

I mentioned during Episode 6 – Your Questions, My Answers that I had a beetle infestation last summer and had since set up a wine cooler as a Fridgador. I received a couple of questions about how I had chosen the model I did and what I had done to set it up. So this week I’ll go a little more in-depth about my Fridgador setup.

Here in East Texas we run the air conditioner roughly eight months a year …


Winterize Your Humidor (Part 2)

Winterize Your Humidor (Part 2)

Part 2 (21:34) demonstrates how to upgrade your humidification device using humidification beads and also gives you a brief tour of my humidor.

I gotta thank RGD over at Club Stogie for providing these instuctions on how to upgrade my humidification device. RGD is one of the great people at Club Stogie! I also need to thank Dave Asp at Heartfelt Industries for taking the time to answer some of my humidification bead questions.…


Winterize Your Humidor (Part 1)

Winterize Your Humidor (Part 1)

I don’t know about you but it’s the time of year I dread. Physically I enjoy the cold weather here in Maryland. What I can’t stand is the effect winter has on my humidor. It never fails, as soon as I kick on my heat pump, my house and thus my humidor gets drained of its humidity and the dry air takes its place. Past winters it has been a struggle to keep my humidity level at or above …


How to build a Coolidor

How to build a Coolidor

As a cigar smoker I am sure you have had the same conversations that I have in regards to humidor size. The most common advice given when a person is in the market for a humidor is “buy bigger than you need. This is very good advice as long as the size you are looking for fits within your budget.

If large storage does not fit your budget, I would strongly suggest purchasing a cooler to setup and use. The …

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