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Have YOU signed the petition yet?

Fellow cigar smokers, the everyday luxury we share an intense passion for is facing a serious threat. As most of you know, the FDA is considering onerous new regulations that will cripple the premium cigar industry. Some concerned citizens have organized a petition to entreat the White House to step in and prevent the destruction of cigar manufacturers, retailers, and thousands of jobs across the country.

The petition reads in full:


Not Allow The


23 Minutes with Pete Johnson

23 Minutes with Pete Johnson

It’s pretty interesting to note that this celebrates five years of the 20 Minutes with Pete Johnson series of videos here on Stogie Review. So first I want to thank Pete for always being giving with his time. Secondly I want to thank W.Curtis Draper for giving me a home to record for the past five years. This series of videos has turned into a tradition that I hope continues for many more years to come.

In this interview Pete …


The Story of The Little Robusto Project

The Story of The Little Robusto Project

For those of you who come here often, you already know or at least have an idea of what The Little Robusto Project is. “Little Robusto” was the affectionate nickname I gave my son JJ. Sadly, JJ passed away on November 2, 2007 from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) while at daycare when he was just 3.5 months old. When JJ was born, the first cigar I smoked to celebrate his birth was the Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ


News: Viaje Stuffed Turkey

News: Viaje Stuffed Turkey

Normally we don’t publish news here on Stogie Review. Our friend Charlie over at The Cigar Feed does a better job than we could ever do but with my huge ego, this was too cool not to post. Over a week ago Charlie posted some Viaje news on his site and he mentioned Stogie Review and our interview at IPCPR we did with Andre Farkas of Viaje Cigars. In the video we were joking around with Andre about …


Ask The Readers: Tatuaje Monster Series

Ask The Readers: Tatuaje Monster Series

Over the weekend, the Unlucky 13 retailer list that will carry an allotment of the dress box of the The Wolfman was released on the Saints and Sinners forums with several blogs publishing the list a few days later. Just like it does every year, it causes a firestorm of reaction amongst the cigar community, Tatuaje lovers and retailers. Last I heard, all of the Unlucky 13 retailers have all their dress boxes spoken for with many having an ever …


Interview with Steve Ysidron of Savinelli

Interview with Steve Ysidron of Savinelli

When the name Savinelli is mentioned in the smoke shop, the first thing that comes to peoples’ mind is pipes. You can hardly blame them, Savinelli has been making pipes since Achille Savinelli Sr. opened up shop in Milan back in 1876. After a 135 years of doing something, you do build a bit of a reputation for it. But more recently (i.e. since the early 1990’s) Savinelli has also been producing cigars, and not just the one or two …


Ask The Chief

To help us answer a question from Episode 203 of Your Questions, My Answers. We turn to Skip Martin aka Chief Hava of CroMagnon Cigars to talk about how leasing factories work. We also talk about whats new with CroMagnon as well as his take on on Jose Blanco coming out of retirement and joining Joya de Nicaragua.

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W.Curtis Draper – The Next Chapter

Earlier this year the DC Location of W.Curtis Draper pretty much became a non-smoking cigar shop due to complaints from tenants (a law firm) that was situated above the shop. W.Curtis Draper had been at its 14th Street location for almost 25 years. There have been a lot of changes for my home shop this year. The smoking issue at their DC location, they added a second location in Bethesda MD and now a short move around the corner to …


Laying Down the Law

In the first two episodes of Your Questions, My Answers (Season 2) we’ve talk a lot about Cuban cigars. Particularly about what will happen when the Cuban Embargo is lifted and about Cuban trademarks. Our answers were typically uninformed and mainly for entertainment purposes. In cases where we aren’t educated or have enough background about a topic, in this case Cuban trademarks, we try and reach out to someone who is more knowledgable in the subject. Luckily for us, Frank …


IPCPR 2011: Day 3 Digest

Here we go with an IPCPR 2011 Day 3 digest. Well Jerry headed back home today so we will have some Brian Hewitt pictures for you as Jerry flies home and gets settled back in to post some more video.

Video Interviews:
Posts from Brian Hewitt’s Twitter:

New Diamondback by Omar Ortez.

New A Turrent Puro Corojo.

Just for kicks, the previous @tatuajecigars monsters.

About to light up a @tatuajecigars La …