Nat Sherman Epoca 2019 Limited Edition

Nat Sherman Epoca 2019 Limited Edition

posted on October 8th, 2019

Ben’s Week In Smoke – No. 19

Ben’s Week In Smoke – No. 19

posted on September 26th, 2019

Black Label Trading Company Last Rites Viaticum

Black Label Trading Company Last Rites Viaticum

posted on September 11th, 2019

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Arturo Fuente Work of Art Maduro

This lovely perfecto is the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Work of Art maduro (WOAM) which, according to, is 4-7/8″ x 46/60. The Hemingway maduros, along with the Añejos, are released around the holidays, and occasionally again around Father’s Day. I don’t generally love a Cameroon wrapper so I don’t keep many Hemingways or Don Carlos, but I am a maduro fan so I grabbed a few of these this year when the opportunity presented itself and at the risk …


Cabaiguan Belicoso Fino

We’re back this week with another Pete Johnson creation, the Cabaiguan Belicoso Fino (5.5×52), produced in concert with Pepin Garcia and his son Jaime. Covered in a gorgeous Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut shade wrapper, this cigar was very attractive with but a few small veins running lengthwise. It had just the proper amount of give when squeezed and a nice simple band.

The cap cut cleanly, though with a bit of difficulty. Using my single-blade Havana Cutter, the blade stopped dead about …


Rocky Patel Edge Missile

Here we have the Rocky Patel Edge Missile, weighing in at 5×48 and in a maduro wrapper. The Edge is available in both maduro and corojo wrappers, each in Toro (6×52), Torpedo (6×52) and Missile (5×48) sizes. Though I have no first-hand evidence, I have been told that these now sport a band on the foot because some retailers were passing bundles off as these when they were out-of-stock. So take that bit of information with the same grain of …


CAO Criollo Pampas

The 4×40 CAO Criollo Pampas is a Nicaraguan puro with a Cuban-seed Criollo 1998 wrapper. This particular cigar had a very rustic looking wrapper that was obviously rather small given the number of turns it made around this short cigar, all capped off with a very nice looking pigtail. It had a very rich and pleasant aroma right out of the cellophane. The cap cut cleanly revealing a very easy draw.…


Tatuaje Havana VI Angeles

This is another creation from Pete Johnson and Pepin Garcia, produced in Pepin’s Tabacalera Cubana factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Angeles is a Nicaraguan puro with a silky Corojo 99 wrapper weighing in at 4-5/8×42. The Havana VI is reported to be a milder blend than the original Tatuaje with the brown band.

Similar to reports I’ve heard and read on other Havana VI cigars, the roll on this one was firm with very little give when squeezed. Clipping the …


Montesino Diplomatico

This 5.5×42, slightly box-pressed, maduro wrapped beauty came to me courtesy of a trade and while I’m usually pretty good at keeping track of what I’ve got in the humidors and where it came from I can’t remember for the life of me where this one came from. The wrapper was dark and oily and the construction was flawless save for one medium-sized vein running right down the back.…


Pirate’s Gold No. 4

Here we have a Pirate’s Gold No. 4 by Rolando Reyes Sr. from Honduras weighing in at 5.5×44. The Pirate’s Gold brand has been made by several manufacturers in as many different countries, with this particular Honduran-grown version apparently no longer being produced. Apparently after this version was released production was moved to the Dominican Republic and fell by the wayside. Production has since been moved to Nicaragua and I’ve yet to read or hear any reviews of the Nicaraguan …


5 Vegas Gold

Since the high was 80° F here this afternoon, and I was invited to play for free, I headed out for a round of golf. The weather isn’t very Christmas-y but it’s great for golf. I brought along this 5 Vegas Gold Torpedo at 6×54. I didn’t want to get into anything too strong as I had only eaten a bagel for breakfast and I’ve found I like these in the morning. Unfortunately the digital camera didn’t cooperate and the …


Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente maduro

I enjoy the Arturo Fuente Rothschild maduro and since the Chateau Fuente shares so many characteristics I decided to pick one up. That combined with the fact one of my local shops actually has these priced $.50 cheaper than the Rothschilds made this one sure seem like a winner on paper. Both the Rothschild and Chateau Fuente are 4.5×50 and, at least in the maduro, I can’t find any references to any difference other than the cedar sleeve.…


La Vieja Habana Cameroon

I’m back again with another of the new La Vieja Habanas, a Rothschild Luxo Cameroon at 5 x 54. This was the last of the new wrappers I’ve sampled. I’m a big fan of the line and grabbed boxes of the originals the last couple of times that Famous put them on sale. With the word that the line would be re-introduced with new wrappers, bands, cellophane, and a higher MSRP I was worried that these might fall off of …