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Dona Flor Alonso Menendez Series (Guest Review)

Dona Flor Alonso Menendez Series (Guest Review)

If memory serves me correctly, January 2008 was Ed and my first review here at Stogie Review. We reviewed the Dona Flor back then, and now we are re-visiting the brand and another blend. Dona Flor was in limbo for awhile as two companies disputed who had rights to the brand. Now that the issue has been ruled upon in court, an owner has been chosen and they are back in the market.

I used to smoke the Dona Flor …


Maria Guerrero Toro

Maria Guerrero Toro

Sorry for the late post.

Up for review is the Maria Guerrero Toro from Altadis. I have smoked a few of these in the past and have enjoyed them. This particular cigar measures 6 inches long with a 56 ring gauge. It has a beautiful cameroon wrapper. The wrapper and cap was flawless. The overall construction was excellent.

I used my guillotine cutter to cut this cigar and decided to try matches this week. A tip for using matches is …


Your Questions, My Answers Episode 16

Your Questions, My Answers Episode 16

This episode features Walt and Justin answering 11 of your questions.

We tackle the following:

  1. Connecting smokers in different cities
  2. A box of Padron 3000 that smell like grass
  3. Building a coolidor
  4. Is there a dead period for cigars
  5. Are younger smokers discriminated at the local tobacconists?
  6. What to do with cheap friends who bum smokes
  7. Maduro vs double maduro
  8. Electronic humidification
  9. Bad cigars
  10. Is the JR brand any good?
  11. How do we review cigars?

Romeo y Julieta Anniversaro Toro

Romeo y Julieta Anniversaro Toro

This is my review of the Romeo y Julieta Aniversario Toro. This cigar is produced by the fine folks at Altadis.

I used my punch cutter and single flame torch lighter with this cigar. The cigar lit easily and produced a great amount of smoke. The burn was very even. The initial flavors had some spice and a bit of sweetness. The sweetness comes from the Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper. Throughout the smoke, the flavor and burn remained consistent and enjoyable.…


Your Questions, My Answers Episode 12

Sorry for the delay on Episode 12. I am currently editing all three videos together. I am trying something new with the editing. I think everyone will like it. I expect to have the editing finished this evening and it should be avaiable late Monday or early Tuesday.

UPDATE: I finished the editing and started the render process and headed off to bed. When I got this morning, I had an error that I ran out of hard drive space. …


Cutting your cigar

Here is a nice little tip that I picked up. If you want to ensure the best cut on your cigar and you use either a single or double blade cutter, try this. Lay the cutter on the table. Stick the end of your cigar in the cutter so the head rests on the table. Cut the cap off. The thickness of the cutter will remove just enough of the cap to give you a clean cut and one that …


Padron Londres Maduro

A little switcheroo this week after missing last week, Jerry wanted to do nine in a row after missing a couple but Walt and I managed to sneak a couple in (LOL!), so I’m presenting the Friday review this week. This Friday we have the Padron Londres maduro (5.5×42) which can be had for just under $2 each when purchased by the box. This is my go-to cigar, rarely, if ever failing to deliver and I can’t believe I’ve held …


Sol Cubano Sumatra

Wednesday review for this week, Sol Cubano Sumatra robusto (5×50). No flaws in the wrapper, no visible veins on the surface though you can see one underneath. The wrapper has a slightly rough feel, like a fine grit sandpaper. no hard or soft spots and has a nicely done double cap. Pre-light draw is just right and the wrapper leaves a light, fruity sweetness on the lips.…


Davidoff Millennium Blend

The Wednesday night review for this week is for the Davidoff Millennium Blend Petit Corona (4.5×41). I was gifted a five-pack of these a month ago and have been eyeballing one of them every time I opened the humidor since then. I’ve had a couple of the milder Davidoffs but had been looking forward to trying what is billed as a more full-bodied blend from them.…


Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic Maduro

Switching it up a bit this week, I’m filling in the Friday review spot and bringing you my review of the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic maduro (7×48). This is Fuente’s Hemingway blend with a Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. Similar to the Anejo, the Hemingway with a maduro wrapper is released around Christmas time and occasionally again near Father’s Day.…