IPCPR 2019: 19 Minutes with Pete Johnson

And of course, it wouldn’t be a trade show without the next installment of the Minutes With Pete Johnson. That’s right, it’s time to talk Tatuaje. We get started talking about the stealth release of the full-sized Chuck and Tiff, now with the proper Monster Series treatment. Then there’s Mexican Eperiment, with a limited runs of the ME I and ME II. Eventually the ME II will be full production. Up next, the very budget-friendly Tattoo Favorito and a new blend decorated the El Triunfador packaging, but it isn’t actually an El Triunfador. We follow that with some talk about the new Gran Cojonu Series A and Cojonu 2003 Series L. The latter is a potent little smoke that’ll make even Pete break into a sweat at times, but it’ll set you back a good bit of cash if you are lucky to track it down.

And of there’s off topic conversation too. It wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t. We talk about distilled IPA (Charbay, made from Bear Republic’s Racer 5 IPA), the cigar Don Pepin Garcia asks for when he comes visit Pete (not telling, you’ll have to watch), and Pete’s thoughts about the proposed changes to IPCPR / PCA, including the controversial consumer day. And before we close things out I get to the bottom of what’s in Pete’s glass.

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