On The Fence about Buying a Pipe

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a cigar shop, enjoying your favorite cigar from your classy Stogie Gear case, and suddenly feel like the boss from The Godfather? I found myself in that situation recently and it probably wasn’t for the reason you would expect.

You see, the Gilbertsville Cigar Factory recently expanded into new territory by introducing Pipes and Pipe Tobacco to its quickly growing repertoire. On a personal note – I expected the shop to do okay with the new addition but I had no idea it would take off like it did.

There I was, relaxing in the lounge, smoking a Tabernacle by Foundation Cigars, when suddenly I was in the minority. Everyone around me had pulled out their pipes and began to fill the room with a wonderful aroma.

Gilbertsville Cigar Factory Pipes

Of the eight people in the room, only two of us were puffing on cigars. Peer pressure began to set in as the guys all started in on me… C’mon Walt, buy a pipe – All the cool kids are doing it!

Several years ago, when Kensington Tobacconist closed, the owner was kind enough to gift me an inexpensive Pipe and a small supply of tobacco to get started. I had a hell of a time learning to pack the pipe and found the smoke to be rather dry. After countless failed attempts with my pipe, I decided that it wasn’t for me and gave my things to a friend that wanted to give it a go.

Over the past few weeks, Pipes have become quite popular in a shop that was exclusively cigars for years. I’m currently on the fence – leaning towards picking up a pipe and a tin of tobacco. I’d love to get some feedback on the subject.

Do you have a favorite Pipe Tobacco that you would recommend? Are there any pros or cons to one pipe shape versus another?

Gilbertsville Cigar Factory Pipe Tobacco