Stumbling on to a Deal at Your Local Cigar Shop

EP Carrillo New Wave - Local Deals

Imagine walking through the door at your local cigar shop and being greeted like Norm Peterson. After some light chit-chat, you make your way across the store and enter the walk-in humidor. You’ve walked through this space hundreds, if not thousands of times since your first visit.

You’ve been through this particular humidor so many times you could probably recite the names and locations of every brand carried. Despite this, you’ve grown comfortable. You have a rotation of go-to cigars that you generally stick to unless something new is brought in.

Eventually, you get bored and suddenly find yourself taking a closer look at the selection. You know what is there but perhaps laying eyes on something will reignite your interest. Suddenly it happens, your eyes fall on a brand that you haven’t smoked in a while and you’re doing a double take. That costs how much! How are there still cigars in the box at that price!

For me it was the EP Carrillo New Wave Stella (Corona). Singles were priced at roughly $4.40 and it about blew my mind. To make things even better, as a member of the private lounge I get a small discount on top of that.

To this day two of my absolute favorite Connecticut cigars are the EP Carrillo New Wave and the Oliva Connecticut Reserve. When I can walk out of a local shop with one of my favorites for $4 and change, I’d say that is a good day.

What was the best deal you’ve gotten
at a Local Cigar Shop recently?