Perdomo Double Aged SunGrown 12 Year Salomon

Perdomo Double Aged 001 (600x388)


This week I take on a super long named cigar, the Perdomo Double Aged SunGrown 12 Year in the Salomon shape. These are available in Connecticut, sungrown and maduro wrappers and I hope to try each one but probably in different vitolas since the salomon runs $12 MSRP.

Again my tablet decided to freak out and scrub my notes so its gonna be short. You always can watch that video to get more information.

Starting out the Perdomo Double Aged SunGrown 12 Year gives a sharp spicy earthiness right off the bat. Medium all around. Spice is blending nicely with the earthy taste and a subtle chocolate taste coming in even before the halfway point but lasted through it also. Right after taking the band off a huge blast of chocolate. I mean huge. After that point things went to the dark side as the cigar fell apart. You can see in the pictures how badly it came apart. for a $12 stick this rubs me a bit the wrong way.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I know, did he just say yes after bitching about the cigar falling apart? Yes, yes I did. The flavors were so nice and it did start out with a few cracks in the top (which may have been from me having it in my travel humidor for weeks and they don’t have cello on them) so I will try more, just probably in a different vitola to save a bit of cash.