Selected Tobaccos Seleccion de Marcas Part 1 – Bandolero Bravos

The Bandolero Bravos is part of a sampler set available at 2 Guys Smoke Shop in New Hampshire.  It comes in a three pack with Atabey and Byron cigars and special humidification tubes with humidifying solution that retails for $99.00.  I was sent one of these sampler sets for review by Barry Stein of 2 Guys so I decided to break these up into 3 reviews.  The first cigar I will be reviewing is the Bandolero Bravos.

Bandolero Bravos

5 x 52

The cigar looks very well made.  After I punched the cap with the cigar punch built into the humidification tube, I tested the draw which was spot on.  The first part of the cigar opened up with flavors earth and leather with some sweetness.  As the cigar neared the mid point, the flavors stayed the same except the sweetness turned into caramelized sugar flavor.  A sourness started after the half way point, but faded away after about a half and inch or so.  The final part of the cigar was the best.  It lost it’s sweetness, but developed a woody note along with a nice charred meat flavor near the end.  Definitely a cigar to check out.