L’Atelier Lancero

latelier lancero 001 (600x400)


This week I take a look at the L’Atelier Lancero cigar. I really tossed it around a lot whether I was going to post this because it seems like I got a dud. After smoking it I checked out other reviews and I did not get any of the flavors they did and that is why I think this one may have been a dud. It is hard with not being able to smoke during the week and having to base a review on one cigar. I finally decided to post it, even after my tablet died with my writeup on it, just because it is always good to get it out there and maybe other people will have the same experience in the comments or at least be able to tell everyone else that this was indeed a dud stick.

Brings up the interesting question as to whether you base your cigar purchases off of just smoking one cigar or if you try a few before making that determination?

Anyway, this cigar had pepper, wood and cauliflower until the last third”ish” when a charred meat taste came in to play. No chocolate what so ever for me. If I can get my tablet back together again after taking it apart to dry it out (don’t ask) I may be able to get my review off of it but i am not holding my breath.

Short video and very disappointed in the cigar, which hopefully will go away after trying another one.