Vega Fina Nicaragua

Vega Fina Nicaragua 010 (600x400)


This week I have the Vega Fina Nicaragua in the Gran Toro (6×52) size for your viewing pleasure. This retails for $6.25 and is out there now. There are also two other sizes available, robusto (5×50) and a short corona (4 3/8×42).

This Vega Fina Nicaragua starts off with a huge coating of flavor on the palate. Getting some sweet hay, cappuccino and a woody base. The coffee is not bitter but more like a sweet earthy blend with some milk or cream. Not as bitey as one would expect from a Nicaraguan cigar but it does have some baby teeth. You may call the men in the white coats but I swear I am tasting coconut. Remember your mind will associate taste with your personal experiences and this one screams coconut. Yea my wife and my mind both yell at me. Bit of a charred meat has come in with the other flavors. Very flavorful cigar to this point. Coffee taste is getting a tiny bit bitter in the last third but nothing else to report. Still awesome flavors and medium strength. Slight charred meat towards the end. Very delicious.


Would I buy it again? Hell yes. I am very impressed with this offering from Vega Fina and hoping to get to the shop again soon to smoke more.