Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Face

Pudgy Frank 001 (600x400)

Source : Gifted from Todd and Rick

Continuing the Pudgy series this week with the Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Face from the Pudgy set Pete released. This set was a gift from Todd and Rick.


This Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Face has two little rips down the back of the “label” that make it look like ties for a leather mask. It’s pretty cool.

This Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters Face starts off with a bit of pepper and woody flavor. The smoke is real meaty but not strong. Just a few puffs in and some dark roasted coffee has blasted through. A little over an inch in and the coffee is changing to a dark chocolate with a woody base. There seems to be a subtle fruity taste also but it isn’t prevalent enough yet to place a name to it. Halfway through and really enjoying the dark chocolate with the subtle spice. Still a very meaty texture but no harshness at all. Call it a medium strength at this point. The fruity taste never developed and went away after a few puffs. Ash held on the entire first half and is very white. Bitterness picked up towards the end with the woody taste becoming more prevalent than the chocolate. Meaty texture went away and got a little more sharp probably because of the bitter taste. Definitely hit the full range but not overpowering in the least.


Would I buy it again? Probably. I do remember liking the full size Face better but I would not shy away from these if given a chance to smoke more. It just didn’t reach out and cut me with a chainsaw like the full sized version did.

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