Tatuaje Jekyll – Group First Impressions

Tatuaje Jekyll 001 (600x400)

Have a special review for you today of the Tatuaje Jekyll. I got together with some friends at Genuine Tobacco and did another group first impressions (except for Todd, it was his third). I was joined by Jon, Rick and Todd with Dave in the peanut gallery because he won’t get in front of the camera.

This was a group of guys having fun, smoking a cigar and hopefully giving you some good information on it to see if you would like to try it or not. Only advise I have is to get them fast as they sell out super quick.

I bought the box for us to review, for full disclosure.

Some of you hate and some of you love these style reviews, as was shown in our previous attempt Tatuaje Jason – Group First Impressions so let us know in the comments how this one was for you.

Also check out Walt’s post I want a cigar that will knock me over! as I think it is a great question and am eager to see what more people think. It amazes me how some cigars are strong to some but not others.