Rapture by Viva Republica

Rapture by Viva Republica Cigar Review - 1

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting up with my local Miami Cigar Rep at an event being held at Sir Stogies. In addition to the Casa Miranda Chapter Two (which I reviewed last week), I also picked up a couple of Rapture by Viva Republica.

I didn’t initially plan on purchasing any of these particular cigars but the strangest thing happened at the event. As I sat there talking with the rep and owner of the shop, customers kept going back into the humidor to buy second and third helpings of Rapture.

Thinking that so many customers couldn’t possibly be wrong, I purchased a few and planned on a review. What I found was a cigar with excellent flavors. There was a stout-like bitterness with accents of coffee and chocolate that impressed me. The body was medium and the finish was slightly dry.

Where the cigar lost me was in the construction department. All of my samples had issues with small tunnels. In addition, every one of them had the caps pop off and cause problems with unraveling. While I could deal with these issues on less expensive cigars, this sort of thing with a $9.00 premium is unacceptable.