Nat Sherman 1930 (Short Ashes)

Nat Sherman 1930 Cigar Review - 1

A few weeks ago I received a surprise email from the folks over at Nat Sherman. They asked if I would be interested in trying their Nat Sherman 1930 and possibly putting together a review. Times are tough and I’m in no position to turn down cigars, so I gratefully accepted.

A short time later I received three Nat Sherman 1930 cigars in the mail. I wasted no time and began smoking them in preparation for a review. Out of nowhere, Mike snaked the review right out from under me. It would seem Nat Sherman was in contact with him as well.

I set my last cigar aside and planned on revisiting it a few months down the line, in a Short Ashes format. Since we’re going back to basics, I thought ‘Timeframe be damned! I’m smoking this one now’. I fired up my camcorder this morning and got down to business.

If you’re interested in a more formal review, my suggestion would be check out Mike’s review of the Nat Sherman 1930. This review glosses over the particulars and takes on more of a down and dirty feel.

When it was all said and done, I was impressed with the cigar. Flavor and Body were both in the medium range. The taste highlights include citrus, wood, and spice. The finish was dry but did a wonderful job of pulling together all of the flavors.

If this cigar were less expensive (my sample comes in at $9.25 per single), the Nat Sherman 1930 would be no stranger to my humidor.