Azul Vintage 2008 (First Impressions)

Azul Vintage 2008 Cigar Review - 1

Several weeks back I got an awesome care package from Jerry Cruz. Inside the package was a number of cigars I hadn’t had the pleasure of smoking yet. One of them was the Azul Vintage 2008 from Epicurean Cigars – Distributed by House of Emilio.

Lighting up the Azul Vintage 2008, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. The last time I smoked anything associated with Steve Ysidron, it was when he was with Savinelli. Brian had positive things to say about the Armando Gutierrez Vintage 2007 so I was eager to get started.

When it was all said and done, I was thoroughly impressed with the Azul. The flavors were soft and plentiful, making for a well balanced and complex cigar. The body and flavor intensity were both medium while the finish was soft and creamy.

While the cigar was most definitely impressive, I didn’t come away with the kind of excitement that compels me to break out my wallet and hand over my hard-earned cash. I would never turn one down but the verdict is out. I’ll have to smoke a few more before I can clearly say this one is a winner.