Nat Sherman 1930

1930 411 (600x400)

Wrapper :Dominican
Binder :Dominican
Filler :Dominican and Nicaraguan
Source :Sample sent from Nat Sherman


This Nat Sherman 1930 cigar has a great looking retro band on it while having a nice chocolate brown wrapper. This cigar is available in five sizes, possibly a sixth with a Super Lancero being listed on their website. Todays smoke is the Gran Robusto (5.25×54). Price is $8.50-$12 which seems to be what more and more cigars are being released at. I am not a fan of the higher cost and if these higher costs continue I really hope they consider 10 count boxes for everything to make it a bit more affordable.

First Half

Salted nut up front on this Nat Sherman 1930 with a sharp lingering spice on the palate more so than on the retrohale. Very nice draw right off the bat. There is a dry flavor hanging around that reminds me of cocoa at this point. That dry cocoa is far in the background now so it may be a fleeting memory soon. At about two inches in the spice got a little softer on the palate and the salted nut came even more to the front basically eliminating the cocoa. The nut taste is more inline with a walnut. Without the spice I would swear there is Cuban tobacco in here. I thought “cubanesque” when I smoked the first one also. I do not smoke many Cubans but that is the word that struck me both times now. Solid medium smoke at this point with a very slight nicotine note to it.

Second Half

Second half of the Nat Sherman 1930 starts off well with the spice coming back a little, more on the retrohale than the palate. Solid medium that is creeping up slowly. Ash holds on for an inch plus but it will fall off before 2 inches normally so be prepared. Cigar is building in strength to the full category, a low full. Salt has picked up along with the spice. A sweet component is rearing its head and reminds me of sweetened coffee. Slight dull taste has come into play, kind of like a woody taste but creamy. Spice has picked up along with the sweetened coffee. Full at this point for me but only have about an inch left. Burn still great.


Would I buy it again? Yes. This is a cigar that I think would age very well. I would love to hang on to some of these for a couple years to see if I am right. Due to the price point I couldn’t smoke these a lot but they would go nicely in the evening after a good meal and maybe have some wine or bourbon.