Foundry Elements H2O

Foundry Elements H2O 001 (375x600)

This week I took a look at the three cigars in the Foundry Elements H2O pack. These cigars were gifted to me by a mad scientist named Laurence. I am going to do this a bit different because I have been trying to get this darn video uploaded all day due to my horrible connection and it just finally got finished. Listed below are the notes I took on each cigar and of course the video goes into more detail.

H – burnt tangy nut like a walnut with a bit of spice. Very nice open draw. I would call this a medium the whole way around. Halfway and the tangy taste has picked up. Not really digging this one right now. Just seems a little plain with a lot of tang. Not my thing. Bitter sour and tangy.

2 – a lot smoother taste than the H to start off. Getting a sweet chocolate/coffee flavor. Tight draw but is giving smoke. I hope it opens up as I get past the nipple. Draw has gotten a lot better and it is a very nice smoke. Lots of chocolate with a bit of coffee thrown in and a little hint of sweetness that ties it all together like a little 4 inch Christmas present in May. Yes, I really like it at the halfway point. Really liked this one. Flavors stayed pretty much the same and mild to medium throughout. Would love to try this in a bigger size or maybe a lancero.

O – sweet woody taste to start out with an ever so slight spice. Mild start and just picked up a hint of citrus. Liking this O at halfway also. Not as much as the 2 yet but a lot better than the H. Still mild with a bit more spice along with the standard woody taste that comes through on a lot of cigars. Great burn and draw. Picking up into the medium range but flavors staying consistent along with a great burn. Was a little sneaky as it ramped up but I would not call it full at all. Woody taste is dominant through the end with it getting a little creamier the further towards the end I got. Nice cigar to relax with.

Would I buy it again? Hard to say. I would definitely buy the 2 and maybe the O but the H was the worst for me so I am a little leery of trying that one again.