Henry Clay

Henry Clay Breva to start the night. #oldisnew

‘Whats old is new’ has been a phrase I have been using a lot lately. I’ve been doing my fair share of revisiting some of the cigars that we smoked back in the early days of Stogie Review. The cigar smoker today is a different creature from a cigar smoker from 2006. Back in 2006 the whole 6×60 ring gauge was in it’s infancy and The Nub size was all the rage. With all the recent turmoil in Washington DC with the government shutdown I thought it would be fitting to review the cigar named after a man who was known as “The Great Compromiser”, Henry Clay. Made by Altadis (a division of Imperial Tobacco), the Henry Clay is a throwback cigar I remember smoking a lot in the early days when my lunch hour was spent at a nearby JR Cigars location.

Video runs under 9 minutes. So how does the Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapped Henry Clay fair for me today? Despite a minor annoyance in a snug draw, I found the Henry Clay to be an overall enjoyable experience. While not filled with ‘wow’ factors that have you on the edge of your seat, the Henry Class gave a solid performance. Predominate sharp cedar woodsy notes, sweet dark natural tobacco flavors with the occasional spice note entering the mix of this medium bodied cigar. The Henry Clay burned beautifully and the smoke had an exquisite sweet floral aroma to it. Taking all things into consideration (price, flavor, construction and availability) the Henry Clay makes for a solid choice as an inexpensive everyday cigar.

It would be educational for me if you would take a moment and answer the question I pose in the video:

What cigar released in the last 2-3 years has the most staying power?