Win A Box Of The New Camacho Diploma Cigars

Yesterday Dylan Austin at Camacho dropped me a line. He wants to give one of our readers a box of the new Camacho Diploma Robustos, but he wants to make sure the cigars end up in the right hands. It has to go to someone bold enough to handle what he describes as “a powerhouse of pleasure.” Here’s his challenge to you:

Camacho is all about bold flavor and unapologetic good times. A sanctuary for the powerful, elemental man. About celebrating undiluted and intense experiences and creations. Never being interrupted by the latest trend. It’s about being a champion of things made from a personal passion and refusing to recognize those which are not.

To boil the above down into layman’s terms; Camacho is about hardcore, unadulterated manly shit. Today we offer you, readers of this fine website, a contest to win a box of the new Camacho Diploma’s. The pinnacle of bold smokes. An unruly cigar that delivers all-out satisfaction for the expert palette.

There’s one way to win. Tell us the boldest, most manly story you’ve ever heard. There’s no limit on characters or how wild the tale may be. Winner will be selected at random by the Stogie Review crew. Have at it boys.

Do you have a tale bold enough? Tell us about it below. We’ll pick a winner on August 9th. Until then, here are a few images to whet your appetite.