2008 Montecristo Petit Edmundo


The Montecristo Petit Edmundo was released in 2007 following the successful launch of the larger Edmundo size. Montecristo has always been a well respected line in the Cuban portfolio and these new vitolas are extensions of the successful brand to fit more of what today’s smokers want. Retailing for just under $8.00 a stick, its definitely one of the more approachable Cuban cigars. A friend of mine’s mom was traveling abroad in South America and brought back some of these for us from a friend of hers that collects vintage cigars. Our versions were tubos which definitely helped protect the cigars during the flight back.

Size: 4.33 x 52
Wrapper : Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
MSRP: $7.60


The wrapper was a very nice mocha color with some slight discolorations. No large veins or water spots were visible and the cap was well applied. I believe the tube really helped to protect the cigar over the years.


Pre-light Draw

The draw was tight with flavors of heavy cedar. I’m a little worried about how its going to burn with this tight draw. Nothing I hate worse than a tight draw.


First Half

The cigar opens up with the cedar I detected earlier in the preflight draw. Its definitely the core flavor of the cigar at this point. Joining the cedar is a nice sweetness, white pepper and some faint creaminess. As the cigar neared the midway point, sweetness and creamy flavors turns more into a bitter sweet cocoa that is really nice. Still, I’m fighting the tight draw and its irritating. Even with that, the flavors are keeping me interested so I’m staying the course.


Final Half

Draw has opened up a little, but not too much. The flavors have remind relatively the same except its developed a nice nuttiness to it. Other than that, not much of a change. I think I’m picking up the nuttiness because the draw has opened up some.


Final Impression

Well, this is kind of the way Cuban cigars are nowadays. The flavor is great like normal, but the quality of the cigars are completely hit or miss. You can get a box and have outstanding cigars or one that literally has half the cigars that are unsmokeble. The draw really hampered smoking this cigar. I couldn’t get the smoke volume I wanted which I believe muted or completely hide some of the flavors. Still, the flavor I got were great….enough to make me want to get more of these to try.