Trocadero by L’Atellier

Grabbed Frame 1 (600x338)

Wrapper : Nicaraguan Rosado Habano
Binder : Nicaraguan broadleaf
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Gifted by Jeff

Welcome to this week’s cigar review of the Trocadero by L’Atellier in the cambon size (5 1/4×52). This cigar is available in two more sizes also, honore (5 3/4×56) and montaigne (6 1/4×60) with a MSRP of $3.50 to $4.50 depending on size. This is a bundle stick from L’Atellier Imports which you should know is a company of Pete Johnson.

Comment section below can be used for bitching about bundle sticks so we know you are just too damn elitist to hang with the real cigar smokers and be willing to try everything.


Taking a look at the Trocadero by L’Atellier and I am a little impressed by how nice it looks for a bundle stick. I have seen box sticks that are not as smooth looking. Sniff test gives a slight tobacco and barnyard on the wrapper with plain tobacco on the foot while the cold draw gives a nice cinnamon taste in my mouth with natural tobacco following.

Clipped with ease, lit up without a problem and off we go.


Starting out the Trocadero by L’Atellier with a mainly woody profile that includes a splash of cinnamon. Peppery spice comes into play almost right after starting which puts the cinnamon on the back burner. Ash held on for about an inch. Also getting a bit of a veggie taste. Not a bad veggie but something with a dull sweetness to it. Lets say it is cauliflower with a sweet sauce.

Flavors stayed pretty constant the whole way with the pepper lying down then picking up again. Sweet cauliflower taste has been very nice. I doubt I got the cauliflower part right but that is what popped into my head so I am sticking with it. Mild to medium the whole way which is right in my comfort zone.


Would I buy it again? Yes. Really nice bundle smoke. I definitely want to try some more in all the sizes to see which I prefer. Nice thing is you wont go broke trying them all. Give them a try and see what you think of this bundle stick.

I would love to do some blind tastings with these and see what people think when they have no idea what they are smoking.

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