Throwback Review: La Aurora Cien Anos Belicoso

This week I wasn’t in the mood to review something new.  I decide to try to revisit a cigar that we’ve reviewed on here before and give my own impression of it as the “new guy”.  After looking through my cigar humidor, I came across and old friend: La Aurora Cien Anos.  The Cien Anos is probably my favorite La Aurora cigar and I haven’t really smoked one in several months.  The corona is my favorite of the line, but the belicoso is a close second.  In the belicoso, the flavors are very well balanced and pronounced as well as been a very smooth smoke.  I didn’t want to get into the full details of the cigar since we’ve done a review of this cigar several times so I just wanted to give my impression of the cigar.  The cigar starts out with a nice woody core with leather, white pepper and sweet tea.  Large plumes of smoke come from the cigar as I smoke it which I personally enjoy.  As the cigar progresses, the sweet tea note turns more into a black tea note and the sweetness turns in a honey note.  The leather and wood remain the back bone of the cigar and a nice bitterness enters into the cigar about the midway point.  Near the end, the sweetness is complete gone and you are left with wood, leather, white pepper and black tea with a hint of bitterness.  The cigar is well balanced with quite a long finish where the pepper lingers on the back of the palette.  With a medium to medium plus strength, this cigar is approachable by just about ever smoker and is suitable during any time of the day.  I have paired this cigar with everything from sweet tea, wine, bourbon, beer, water and coffee and it really goes well with all, especially wine.  All in all, a really good cigar.  Sometimes it is good to revisit an old friend.