Cabaiguan (Short Ashes)

Cabaiguan Cigar Review

Early this week Jerry was kind enough to send me a package of cigars to enjoy. I wasted no time in turning them to smoke and ash. Suddenly it dawned on me, perhaps I should turn some of these sticks into ‘Short Ashes’ Cigar Reviews and revisit some of the smokes we have reviewed in the past?

The bad news is that I put a serious hurtin’ on the package of cigars before the idea hit me. The good news is that Jerry sent a bunch of cigars my way and I have plenty left to review.

First up in the Short Ashes lineup is the Cabaiguan by Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars. It has been quite a while since I smoked my last Cabaiguan but I seemed to remember it as being medium bodied with a creamy finish. In other words, a perfect pairing for a steaming cup of coffee.

With a cup of WaWa Columbian Coffee at the ready, I set flame to foot and got started. The initial puff was robust and gave me second thoughts about smoking the cigar first thing in the morning. The body settled out in short order and the smoke was wonderful. The flavor profile was a blend of wood, nuts, creaminess, and an occasional sour note.

I had a couple of small construction issues but they were more cosmetic than anything else. The wrapper popped in two instances but I was able to burn through them without issue. I also ran into a couple of tiny tunnels which reduced the smoke volume temporarily.

While the Cabaiguan is not my favorite Tatuaje Cigar, I wouldn’t hesitate to revisit it in the future. If I was presented with that impossible task of only selecting one Tatuaje, I woud reach for the La Casita Criolla, over the Cabaiguan, without hesitation.