November 30th

Last November I penned a post about the 5 Things I Know To Be True (Cigars Edition). November is always a crazy month for me. Lots of highs and lows filled with a roller coaster of emotions. There is the thankfulness for family and friends around Thanksgiving, the sadness of the Little Robusto and today, my ten year wedding anniversary. Ten years ago, I was 25, still bald, working a unfulfilling data entry job, my now teenage nieces were so little and I was probably just an occasional cigar smoker buying maybe a box a year. Just in case we have a Stogie Review Trivia contest, the first box of cigars I ever bought was a Nicaraguan puro called ‘Mi Cubano’. This was during the close of the boom years. I have no idea who made it. A few years ago the brand tried to make a comeback as a Dominican bundled cigar. Ten years ago I don’t think I even celebrated with a cigar. Cigars were not so integrated into my daily life like they are today.


Most of you who are married will agree with me when I say the “wedding” is mostly for the bride. I didn’t have a lot of say (nor did I want to) in a lot of the details. I just wanted the basic info of just where and when. My wife did a fabulous job of combining both of our heritages with pictures and naming of tables. I often tell her that if we were to have a wedding again I’d change two things. First I’d want a mash potato bar. I’m kind of a freak when it comes to mash potatoes. The bar would be filled with all kinds of toppings like bacon, chives, diced spam, cheese, gravy, etc,. The second would of course be, cigars and lots of them. Although as you grooms remember, you barely have time to eat during the reception so I’m sure I’d have to be walking around with a lit cigar the entire time.

Like I said, November is a crazy month. So many great memories all tempered by the loss of the Little Robusto. My wife and I went through a lot and still do when it comes to JJ. There are times where I need her to pick me up. There are times where she needs me to pick her up. On the days where we both need an emotional boost, we see the smiling face of Gracie our Petite Corona. Our wedding ten years ago didn’t have a lot to do with cigars but as you can see with the nicknames of our children (or by my overflowing humidors) that cigars are a big part of things now. I’m not sure what the point of this post is other than to thank my wife for being there for me the past ten years.